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Privacy Policy


1. UAB Epigone respects everyone’s right to privacy. Personal data such as: name, surname, title of the company, address, phone number, email address and any other data provided during registration for e-shop account, shall be used for the purposes of: processing order of goods, issuing financial documents (such as invoices), solving problems related with delivery of the goods, carrying out contractual obligations and with user’s agreement for direct marketing goals.
2.1. Data operator and www.citysouvenirs.lt operator (hereinafter refered to as Seller) is UAB Epigone, legal entity’s code 300514150, VAT No. LT100002126619, with its legal address at – Beržų g. 4, LT-36237, Panevėžys, Lithuania, email address – [email protected].
2.2. Natural person or legal person that purchased goods at www.citysouvenirs.lt hereinafter referred to as Customer.
2.3. Handling of Customer’s personal data is managed by Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other relevant national legislation including these Rules.
2.4. Customer’s personal data is collected on the basis of legal framework and processed honestly and accurately.
2.5. UAB Epigone is registered on Personal Data Controllers’ register, identification No. P5702, registered on 2013 November 22.
3. Seller ensures personal data entity’s rights under Law on the Protection of Personal Data and other relevant legislation. Seller uses Customer’s personal data for e-commerce goals (i.e. order fulfilment, warranty services).
3.1. Upon ordering goods Customer shall provide Seller necessary information to ensure delivery, such as: name, surname, phone number, address, email address, and other relevant information. Seller confirms that such data shall be used only during ordering and delivering of goods. Seller legally commits not to disseminate and pass on such information to third parties, except to Seller’s partners providing delivery services and/or other partners providing services related with the delivery and handling of goods. Any other personal Customer’s data shall be passed on to third parties ONLY with Customer’s agreement. In all other cases personal data can be revealed to third parties in accordance to national legislation.
3.2. If requested by Customer, www.citysouvenirs.lt shall provide delivery of informational messages.
3.3. Customer has a right to get access to personal data and has a right to request a change of incorrect personal data by writing an email to [email protected] with data provided. Alternatively, Customer can call +370 45 439988. In such cases Seller must make changes as soon as possible, but no longer than 2 (two) working days.
3.4. Customer can manage (i.e. review, edit) personal data and subscribe/unsubscribe to informational messages by logging in to www.citysouvenirs.lt.
3.5. By registering and ordering goods from www.citysouvenirs.lt Customer agrees not to reveal any account information to third parties. In such case that account information is revealed Seller is not responsible for any liability.
3.6. Personal data is managed using safe means, protecting data from illegal erasure, illegal reveal or other illegal actions. Physical and technical measures have been implemented to secure all information that is collected during provision of our services. DISCLAIMER: even despite all measures to secure personal data, no website, online transaction, computer system or wireless network is completely safe. After the last time from using our services personal data shall be kept for 3 years, at the end of this period personal data shall be erased without possibility to restore it. Erasure of personal data shall be ensured by a responsible person.
3.7. Seller is obligated to ensure security of Customer’s personal data and to carry out appropriate technical and or organisational measures for personal data protection from illegal erasure and/or accidental change or reveal and any other illegal actions. Seller commit to ensuring that all staff members involved shall respect the confidential nature of information. Seller shall keep Customer’s personal data not longer than required by personal data management goals and national legislation.
4. By agreeing with these Rules, Customer agrees that cookies will be used and stored on Customers device when browsing www.citysouvenirs.lt.
4.1. Customer agrees, that rules for the processing of personal data have been provided and has following rights:
4.1.1. After providing personal identification document to Seller or electronic communication tools or in accordance with the national legislation, that allows to identify a person, Customer has a right to get access to personal data and examine how personal data is managed, i.e. receive information from which sources data has been collected, for what purpose data is managed, to whom data is provided, request a change of data or seize management of data in case when data is managed not in accordance to the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania.
4.1.2. Other rights provided in Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and other national legislation.
5. Request to change data, erase data or seize personal data management must by expressed in writing or in person at Sellers’ place of business.
6. www.citysouvenirs.lt uses cookies. Cookie is a small text file send to every users’ device that is used to access the website. Cookies help to identify visitors, keep websites browsing history and personalise content.
6.1. Purpose of cookies at www.souvenirs.lt is as follows:
6.1.1. Required cookies: such cookies are required for websites functionality and access to secured areas of the website. Without these cookies online transactions could not take place.
6.1.2. Action cookies: cookies collecting information what websites and if any errors are received by the user from said website. These cookies do not collect information that would allow to identify user and information that is collected is anonymous. These cookies are used to improve website performance.
6.1.3. Functional cookies: these cookies allow website to keep your chosen options (name, language, region) and offer updated, personalised functions. Information collected by these cookies can be made anonymous. It does not collect data from other websites.
6.1.4. Target or promotional cookies: such cookies are used to display personalised advertisements. These cookies also limit the number of same advertisements to measure effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
6.1.5. No personal data is collected using cookies.
6.1.6. Google Analytics remarketing function is used on this website. This allows to display advertisements on Google partners websites to same users that have visited this website previously. Google cookies can be disabled by the user any time by visiting Google cookie disabling website. Google Analytics does not store IP address but instead uses cookie browsing function.
6.2. If required more information regarding cookies can be found at www.aboutcookies.org where independent information about disabling cookies using browser settings and how to remove already existing cookies is stored. Information on how to remove cookies from mobile device can be found at manufacturers’ user guide.

For more information please call +370 45 439988 or email [email protected]


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